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Meet Our Experts

At The BreatheWell Group, our team of highly skilled and experienced care providers has our patients’ best interests and wellbeing at heart. Meet the people running our welcoming Medical Group, and schedule an appointment today.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, Infant Oral Motor Specialist

I began my journey due to my own son having all of the classic signs of tongue tie, and received no help from my support team. This was such a hard time for us and I saw no end in sight.  We managed, but we did not thrive.

I started with just watching as infants were treated in the office for  lip and tongue ties.  Soon after that I began my journey learning about MyoFunctional disorders that were caused by lip, tongue or cheek ties.  Slowly I started treating patients and understanding how something that is undiagnosed like tongue ties or oral dysfunction could cause life long issues. 

I did training with and am Certified through the Academy of Orofacial MyoFunctional Therapy.  I have an additional Certification through the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences with Coulson Institute for Orofacial Myology.   I then did training to become a specialist in Infant Oral Motor Therapy so that I could expand the age range that I worked with. In-between the different MyoFunctional training I did, I did training with an amazing Occupational Therapist to learn about cranial nerve dysfunctions and how it can affect infants and also became TummyTime! Method certified.  I am a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor and Certified Breastfeeding Specialist who is currently working toward IBCLC and am on track for a THIRD Certification through IAOM.  I have also done training in CFT (Craniolsacral Fascial Therapy) and currently offer it for ages 6 months and under in the practice.  I believe that having as much training as possible will benefit my patients.



Orofacial Myologist 

My name is Paige Reed!I am a christian, mother to three, and a Registered Dental Hygienist. My journey into Orofacial MyoFunctional therapy began with my own personal and family experiences. Having TMJ issues myself landed me in splint therapy to help eliminate my oral dysfunction. Soon after this, my three babies came along- all of whom were tongue tied. Upon releasing my children's ties and discovering the enormous amount of poor information on the web the spark grew for me to continue with my OMT education endeavors. My goal is to make information more accessible and educate everyone on how OMT works and can really change your everyday life. I'm a lover of all things outdoors, traveling and chasing my children around the yard. I look forward to helping all of you achieve better breath, muscle function and balance in the orofacial complex.



International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Infant Oral Motor Specialist

Hi! My name is Rachel. I was born and raised not far from Atlanta, GA and  studied Music Business at the University of Georgia. Working in the music business brought me to Nashville in 2011, where I met my wonderful husband, Ben. After having my first baby, I fell absolutely in love with breastfeeding and started to daydream about helping other moms find as much joy in the experience as I did. When I was pregnant with my second baby, I decided to put those dreams to work, and I began working towards both my Masters degree in Human Lactation and my IBCLC certification. I have been fortunate to spend the past year volunteering at the Ascension Saint Thomas Breastfeeding Outreach Clinic, supporting new families through the early days of breastfeeding.  Chelsea created an infant course just for me to learn all of the things she has since 2016.  She compiled a course from multiple courses to train me and make sure that I was highly qualified. In addition to the course that was designed for me, I have done an extensive internship side by side with Chelsea in order to become the great provider that I am today!  I am proud to offer lactation or infant oral motor sessions to moms in need.

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Orofacial Myologist- Serving West Tennessee

Hi, my name is Amanda. I love all things dental related (except for root canals!) I am a registered Dental Hygienist and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist. I have 32 years of experience in the dental field. I have worked Clinical Dental Hygiene and Orthodontic Care for all ages over the years. I have seen clients with teeth clenching and grinding, jaw pain, and sensitivity. Many of them also complained of sleep issues, headaches, and neck pain.
Discovering Myofunctional Therapy helped me find the missing pieces of the puzzle. With MFT I am able to determine and treat the underlying cause of the problems rather than just treating the symptoms. 
My goal as an OMT is to improve overall health by establishing proper oral and facial function and proper breathing skills with a fun and relaxed approach. 
Treating Orofacial Myofunctional disorders early can help ward off serious illness in years to come. 
Always remember, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Benjamin Franklin 

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Practice Manager

Amanda Zerbini started her wellness career as a Massage Therapist and then completed her B.S. in Recreation Therapy at CSU, Chico. She worked as a Recreation Therapist with special populations of all ages and abilities for a decade in both clinical & recreation settings. Since 2005, Amanda continues to be an active teacher of various Yoga, Fitness and Mobility techniques at a variety of locations, currently instructing at Rise Fitness in Mt. Juliet. 💪

Amanda and her husband have two sons and raising them has taught this mom about how important it is to seek out holistic and integrative healers to partner with for healthy and whole child development. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

The Zerbini family moved from California to Tennessee last year and are excited to be a part of this amazing community in Mt. Juliet. 

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Practice Manager

Alex has a love for helping others.  Alex is also trained in tongue ties and is lactation trained.  She is here to help with whatever is needed!

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