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"The BreatheWell Group is amazing and providers are very knowledgeable!  We would not have made it without them!"

H. Johnson

"I feel like I am finally getting proper care! Highly recommend!"

T. Shrews

"I wish I would have found them earlier!"

Brittany B.

"Providers are EXTREMELY knowledgeable.  They took so much time showing us all recommended therapies!  They made the experience super comfortable for our little one. Highly recommend!"

C. Nall

Areas of Expertise

MyoFunctional Therapy, Infant MyoFunctional Therapy, Pre and Post Release Healing, Breastfeeding Counseling

After years of continuing my education to best serve my patients, I have come up with individualized therapy services for all ages.  Each and every patient deserves therapy that is tailored for their needs.

I have done trainings and certifications with the Academy of OroFacial MyoFunctional Therapy, the International Association of Orofacial Myology, the Coulson Institute of Orofacial Myology, Michelle Emanuel-OT, MYO USA and the International Doula Institute.

It is my belief that every age can benefit from MyoFunctional therapy. And it is my goal to support you and guide you through the crazy waters of oral dysfunction and/or oral ties.


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From birth, oral dysfunction and ties can affect many different things. Retraining and strengthening muscles prior to and post release is what will give you the best outcomes.  It is my goal to eliminate or lessen symptoms that oral dysfunction and tongue ties have caused.  I use a group of preferred providers to get you exactly where you need to be and become the best version of yourself.  My passion has been treating OMD's and seeing the changes that my patients have had.


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