The FOUR most common therapy programs are:

1.Individualized Therapy- Ideal for ages 3 and older.  Full MyoFunctional therapy program will begin with a thorough and complete functional and anatomical assessment, which will include eating and drinking.  This will take us back to infancy, gathering as much data as possible to best treat each patient.  This will include preparation for releases and all of the post operative care that is needed during that time.

2. Pre and Post Release Therapy- All ages welcome in this group.  most ideal age group being 1-3 years of age.  This includes a habit elimination program, for those little ones who can not get away from pacifies, thumbs or other objects that are always in the mouth.  I will work closely with each patient to target needs prior to and post releases.  

3. Infant MyoFunctional Therapy-  This is a great way pre and post release for your little ones to get the best results possible.  As we know, bad habits begin in utero.  It is imperative to work on muscle strength and function pre and post release.

4. Post Release Wound Care and Emotional Support- Sometimes you find me after releases have already been done on your infant.  Thats ok!  I understand that this is one of the most difficult things to do as a parent.  I love giving emotional support to help with the tough weeks after releases.  You will get expert advice on pain management, wound healing and additional providers who could help you with the healing process.