Areas of Expertise

MyoFunctional Therapy

A true MyoFunctional therapy program will identify all areas of dysfunction and work on them.  This will usually begin with strength of different parts of the tongue, continuing into eating and drinking and end with re-establishing all muscle functions.  MyoFunctional Therapy is neuromuscular re-education and this can not be done the same with all patients and also takes many months.

Infant MyoFunctional Therapy

Oral dysfunction begins in utero.  Difficulty with breastfeeding/bottle feeding is the earliest indiction that there is oral dysfunction present. In order to get best possible results, pre and post release therapy is necessary.  Muscles need to be strengthened and functional prior to releases. I am prepared to guide you on this journey of a happier and healthier infant.

Wound Care and Emotional Support

Coming from a tied family, I am familiar with all ages of releases being done.  In 2017, I went through MyoFunctional Therapy myself and each of my children have gone through therapy and had releases done at different ages.  I am familiar with all the right providers to be seeing and I am also very knowledgable in wound care and pain control.  As part of any therapy program you are in, you will receive expert advice on how to get through surgery and healing.

My Approach

HI!  My name is Chelsea Madison.  I am the Owner and Certified MyoFunctional Therapist at The BreatheWell Group!  I began my adult life as a Registered Dental Hygienist.  I worked for an amazing doctor who helped guide me on my learning journey.  Together we found out that there was a whole new world out there! 

I began my journey due to my own son having all of the classic signs of tongue tie, and received no help from my support team. This was such a hard time for us and I saw no end in sight.  We managed, but we did not thrive.

I started with just watching as infants were treated in the office for  lip and tongue ties.  Soon after that I began my journey learning about MyoFunctional disorders that were caused by lip, tongue or cheek ties.  Slowly I started treating patients and understanding how something that is undiagnosed like tongue ties or oral dysfunction could cause life long issues. 

I did training with the Academy of Orofacial MyoFunctional Therapy and am on track for their COMT certification.  Then moved on to do my Certification through the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences with Coulson Institute.   I then did training to learn infant MyoFunctional therapy so that I could expand the age range that I worked with. In-between the different MyoFunctional training I did, I did training with an amazing Occupational Therapist to learn about cranial nerve dysfunctions and how it can affect infants and also became TummyTime! Method certified.  I am a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor and am on track for Certification through IAOM.  I believe that having as much training as possible will benefit my patients.

I treated patients side by side with my surgeon and learned so much.  I learned that sometimes we need expansion first.  Sometimes we need more therapy to break compensations.  I also learned that sometimes my patients were way too restricted to get results, so we had to do surgery sooner.  I am so appreciative for all of the great experience I gained while in that same practice, but it was time for me to grow.  I can not be more excited to begin this journey with you!

My goal is to get you or your little one to an optimal fully functioning level.  I use all knowledge that I have gained of the last few years to treat you to the best of my abilities.  With an in depth look that will go all the way back to infancy, together we will find the perfect program for you or your child.

I use my own personal experience to give advice along the way so that you can overcome whatever obstacles are in front of you.

I hope to see you soon!